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30 September, 2015

Free 2-Day Introduction to Agent-Based Modelling, 3&4 Nov, Manchester

We are re-running this 2-day introduction to agent-based simulation again in Manchester on the 3rd&4th November 2015. This is free but places are limited, so you will need to apply. Priority will be given to early stage researchers and government/voluntary sector analysts.

Details, including how to apply are at: http://cfpm.org/simulationcourse/free-2-day-introduction-to-agent-based-modelling-course-34-nov-2015/

03 June, 2015

Special Demonstration Session on Policy and Agent-Based Simulation @ ACM SIGSIM PADS, London 11th June

As part of ESSA's attempts to bridge gaps with other fields there will be a special demonstration session at the ACM Simulation SIG on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation meeting, that is happening at the University of Westminster, London, June 10-12, 2015.

This special session will showcase ABM policy simulation work, and will happen on the 11th June 2-3.30pm.

The papers will be:

Bridging Relevance with Rigour in the Policy Modelling of Political Participation
Bruce Edmonds (Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Luis Fernandez Lafuerza (Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, UK), Louise Dyson (Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, UK), Laurence Lessard-Phillips (Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester, UK), Ed Fieldhouse (Institute for Social Change, University of Manchester, UK), and Alan McKane (Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, UK)
Agent-Based Modelling for Exploring Policies in Complex Socio-Environmental Systems
Gary Polhill, Jiaqi Ge, Alessandro Gimona, and Nick Gotts (James Hutton Institute, UK)
Multi-Agent Simulation and Animation with PreSage-2
Jeremy Pitt (Imperial College, UK)

07 February, 2015

Social Simulation 2015 @ Gronigen in the Netherlands

The Eleventh Conference of the European Social Simulation Association

Join us from September 14 to 18 in Groningen (NL)

Deadline for submissions: April 13th 2015

More details: http://essa2015.org

02 February, 2015

Special Section of JASSS published on "Using Qualitative Evidence to Inform the Specification of Agent-Based Models"

See http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/ (http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/18/1 for a more permenant but less nicely formatted link).

The introduction to the issue is:
Edmonds, Bruce (2015) 'Using Qualitative Evidence to Inform the Specification of Agent-Based Models' Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 18(1):18 <http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/18/1/18.html>.
 This is the culmination of the workshops and special sessions of "Social Simulation" (ESSA) conferences on the subject.  Many thanks to all who contributed!

08 November, 2014

Registration for Workshop on Modelling Routines open for 12 days

Registration for the workshop on "Modelling Routines" is now open, until the 20th November.  Registration is free but essential if you are going to attend.

Register here:

The draft programme for the day includes an invited talk by Alan Warde, Professor of Sociology, at the University of Manchester’s “Sustainable Consumption Institute”, http://www.sci.manchester.ac.uk/people/professor-alan-warde

Plus contributed papers as follows:
  • Daniel F├╝rstenau. Exploring Interrelated Routine Dynamics from a Network Perspective: A Campus Management Case and Conceptual Model
  • Philipp Singer, Denis Helic, Andreas Hotho and Markus Strohmaier. Bayesian Comparison of Hypotheses about Human Trails on the Web
  • James Doran. An AI Oriented Question: are there Routines that Adjust Routines to Achieve Effective Cooperation?
  • Cara H. Kahl and Matthias Meyer. Contemporary agent-based models of organizational routines
  • Edmund Chattoe-Brown. Three Case Studies in the Evolution of Routines: False Starts and New Opportunities
  • Dermot Breslin. Conceptualizing and Modeling Multi-Level Organizational Co-Evolution
  • Bruce Edmonds, Projection and the Reality of RoutinesTina Balke and Thomas Roberts. Modelling Practices and Routines – Where are the households?

The workshop website is at: http://modellingroutines.wordpress.com/